DJane 2elements

2017 started well with a lot of amazing events!

I´m glad that 2017 started so well. It´s just the 17th of February and I have been visited already 5 countries with around 15 flights. Did I already tell you, that I hate flying?

My holiday in Vietnam was amazing, such a nice country, friendly people and beautiful landscape. If you travel to Vietnam, make sure you to do Halong Bay, go to Sapa, do a Mekong Delta tour, fly to the beautiful island Phu Quoc and do a private guided sightseeing tour in Hanoi. After 3 weeks in Vietnam I went straight to Francfort to play the night in Germany, Schwingen. I got 2 hours of sleep and left Germany again. Next destination was my beloved Miami, to play at E11even Club and the fabolous Groove Cruise alongside Sam Feldt, Croatia Squad, EDX, Nora en Pure, Chocolate Puma, Oliver Dollar, Chus & Cheballos, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Plastik Funk, Tom Starr, Scotty Boy, Borgeous and many more. 4 days AND nights of party, 24 hours every day non-stop line-up and music.

Of course I was jetlaged like hell when I arrived in Miami sunday evening. Got some food at one of my favorite places in Miami, then back at the decks at E11even. I went back to bed straight after my gig. Had breakfast at the Oceandrive and after that I started my first cruise trip to the Bahamas.

In these 4 days on the Carnival ship was something totally different. Almost 3000 people on bord, crazy people, I never saw so many crazy & cool dressed up people, everyone with a smile in their faces. They just wanna party 24h a day. Wow…and I´m, the boring german one right in the middle of all this madness. While all others were drunk nonstop, I was drinking water all time. Felt strange. My gig was nice, some wasted people danced to my beats but the whole cruise was a great adventure.

After that madness, I flew back to Germany, Berlin to play at night in Leipzig at L1 Club. This night was awesome, too. Club was packed, could play house music and the energy there was good. Not so much sleep again because I had a venue in Dusseldorf and there was no possible flight so I need to go to Dusseldorf by car.

Arrived in Dusseldorf, I ran to the venue, had some soundchecks with my saxophonist. This night I played together with Miss Sabien, with the funky singer Diana Schneider, great saxophonist Dave Bo from Poland. It´s the official aftershowparty of the fashion fair in Dusseldorf, called fashionnet party. The party was totally amazing!!! After so many parties and that long trip I was really really done. I heard my bed screaming…

Felt like I need 4 weeks to recover. But just have 1, ha ha.

The following weekend I travelled to Hamburg to play the 2nd year the Mainstage at Snowbeat festival, it´s the small sister of Airbeat One Festival. On the line-up: Alan Walker, Headhunterz, Gestört aber Geil, Hochanständig and many more…

Mh…what the hell should I do after Gestört aber Geil, Alan Walker and Headhunterz ???  But my set worked well and I had a lot of fun. People were still here to party with me and wanted to rave. So I played a mixture of House, Futurehouse and EDM. Was back at the hotel at 6:30 am – good morning. Night was great!

The following week will be crazy: played Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Who needs sleep?

Tuesday & Wednesday were different events for the big energy brand EON at the E-World fair in Essen. Different growd, more business people in suits BUT in the end they wanted to party aswell 🙂

On thursday after 4 hours of sleep, my flight to Doha, Qatar goes. In the plane with me my lovely singer Jean Pearl and another DJ – Teddy O. Plane was packed like hell and I thought I could sleep there – no!

Jean Pearl and I arrived in Doha, 18 degrees. Thank you! We checked in at W Hotel Doha and one of my best friends Jessy was waiting for me there. She just came from Dubai to see me and party with us. We had some nice Sushi before we got ready to party at Crystal Club.

Jean Pearl was singing while I was Djing. We had big competition this night. DJ Teddy-O. and Bob Sinclair were also in town with night and the night after Jarule and Shaggy. Joooo!

But Crystal was packed and the people loved my singer Jean Pearl. So it was another nice gig in this week.

I stayed one more day in Doha and did some sightseeing and enjoyed the sunshine. On my flight back to Germany on friday morning I could saved me 3 seats to get some rest, yeah yeah.

Arrived in Francfort off to Bayreuth with Miss Violine. We played together at Nightlife Tirschenreuth.

OMG – what a week. I came home on sunday and my desk was full of work. I also need to do some studio work but I just would like to sleep a week 🙂


Looking forward to the upcoming weeks, will play together with Sam Feldt, Dannic, Calvo, Topic etc.

Now I´m here in Germany for some gigs before I go to Switzerland next week, France, back to Miami for another party cruise, called Inception At Sea where I will play 3 parties, after that Norway etc.

After the party is before the party! Peace, Love & 2elements

p.s. sorry for some grammar mistakes etc. – I´m a DJ 🙂